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  • Users make iSCSI SANs with USB keys

    Users say that Open-E's iSCSI SAN software, which is delivered on a USB stick, is more affordable than prepackaged systems and has more support than free iSCSI target products. 

  • LeftHand refreshes iSCSI SAN software

    Version 7.0 of LeftHand's iSCSI SAN software contains dozens of new features, including support for four-way replication and brushed-up thin provisioning. 

  • Temp agency moves hundreds of terabytes to iSCSI SAN

    Adecco replaces 120 TB of Fibre Channel storage with an iSCSI SAN from LeftHand, including storage for large production databases; Exanet adds search; NetApp unleashes Topio. 

  • Intransa launches 10 GigE IP SAN

    Intransa is now shipping a standalone 10 GigE system, but it may take a while for applications and operating systems to be ready for the big pipe. 

  • ISCSI for beginners

    iSCSI is an Internet Protocol (IP)-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities. Learns the basics in this fast guide. 

  • Colorado State picks EqualLogic over EMC for Exchange

    The university, an Exchange 2007 beta tester, says performance improvements in the updated Microsoft release make iSCSI more practical for email storage. 

  • Storage vendors propose FC over Ethernet standard

    A group of nine storage vendors led by Emulex is proposing a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standard to the ANSI T11 standards committee. 

  • ISCSI brings VMware to a new audience

    Chicken, meet egg: The rising popularity of both iSCSI storage and VMware over the last year means the two technologies are now set to feed off one another in new ways. 

  • Seven network storage predictions for 2007

    It's time to once again stick my neck out and make predictions on what you very likely can expect from the network storage industry in 2007. Before I do that, let's see how well I prognosticated last year? I made a lot of predictions in six industry... 

  • IBM adds more FC, DAS products; dithers on iSCSI

    IBM announces new entry-level Fibre Channel and direct-attached storage arrays, but is missing an iSCSI product.