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  • Nimbus adds solid state to 10 GigE iSCSI NAS systems

    Nimbus Data expands 10 Gigabit Ethernet capability and adds solid-state drives to IP storage systems that support iSCSI, NFS and CIFS. 

  • Storage area network connectivity overview

    Each switch and storage system on the storage area network (SAN) must be interconnected -- usually through optical fiber or copper cabling -- and the physical interconnections must support bandwidth levels that can adequately handle the peak data act... 

  • Dell storage VP: Dell goes from storage reseller to storage developer

    With its $1.4 billion acquisition of iSCSI SAN vendor EqualLogic complete, Dell storage VP Darren Thomas says Dell is now a storage developer rather than merely a reseller. 

  • IDC: ISCSI SAN adoption strong in fourth quarter

    IDC's disk storage tracker for the fourth quarter of 2007 shows a strong increase in iSCSI SAN sales; VKernel unveils capacity monitoring appliance for VMware. 

  • NetApp ships 12TBStoreVault iSCSI SAN

    The S550 iSCSI SAN goes for just over $5,000 for 12 TB capacity; storage vendors rally around Windows Server 2008. 

  • Server-based IP SANs are catching on

    Financial publishing firm picks StorMagic iSCSI software, reflecting a trend of packaging a familiar protocol with familiar hardware to set up SAN storage. 

  • VMware, LeftHand offer iSCSI SAN as virtual machine

    Channel partners will bundle LeftHand's virtual SAN appliance with VMware licenses for an ESX infrastructure that can run on one piece of physical hardware. 

  • Dell shop picks LeftHand for iSCSI SAN

    Networking equipment maker Enterasys evaluated EqualLogic to replace a Dell Clariion, but found it easier to administer a LeftHand SAN based on familiar server hardware. 

  • Dell tweaks EqualLogic disk arrays

    Dell launches new SATA disk array shortly after acquiring EqualLogic, but many questions remain about its post-acquisition strategy. 

  • User simplifies virtual server storage with Hifn IP SAN

    A construction company finds the server-like features of Hifn's Swarm iSCSI SAN the simplest way to jump into networked storage in support of a server virtualization project.