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  • SD 2004 preview: iSCSI's early adopters

    At the Storage Decisions conference this April, Randy Kerns, a senior partner with the Evaluator Group Inc., will moderate a panel discussion on iSCSI, the IP storage stand... 

  • CTRC heals network with iSCSI

    Early iSCSI adopters from the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) in San Antonio, Texas have made big gains in cost savings and increased performance with IP. 

  • Hospitals treat data with IP storage

    The health of two hospitals is being cured by IP storage. Making the case for the benefits of IP storage are Denver Health and Cancer Therapy & Research Center in Texas. 

  • Experts: What's the buzz on iSCSI?

    Storage experts and authors Tom Clark and Gary Orenstein weigh in on who should be implementing iSCSI, what a successful implementation would look like and what they're hearing from IT professionals about the costs of it all. 

  • IP SANs move from beta to reality

    Two announcements are fueling the IP storage revolution: Intransa's new IP SAN system and Microsoft's free iSCSI software. 

  • Firm to offer low-cost iSCSI controller, HBAs

    Is iSCSI really the most cost effective protocol, or does it end up being as expensive as Fibre Channel in the long run? One company says that iSCSI costs could run high, but the firm has developed an integrated iSCSI controller and a family of iSCSI... 

  • NetApp preps new entry-level iSCSI box

    NetApp will put a new storage appliance on the market next month that it said will combine a filer head and storage enclosure in one package. 

  • Users want answers to iSCSI

    The battle wages between networking protocols iSCSI and Fibre Channel but at this week's Storage World conference, iSCSI was the technology of the day with users demanding answers about its performance. Bottom line: you don't need a Ferrari if you're... 

  • Adaptec buy spawns IP spin-off

    Two acquisitions yielded one spin-off company this week when the iSCSI business arm of Eurlogic Systems became a standalone company. 

  • iSCSI on target

    LSI spawns iSCSI target controllers; QLogic HBAs support SQL Server databases; and Emulex nabs EMC qualification.