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  • Battle brews between iSCSI and FC

    Most cost-conscious storage managers are looking into the merits of iSCSI. In this Q&A, Brian Garrett, analyst with ESG, clears up the confusion over iSCSI vs. FC. 

  • Storage Clips: 10 GigE makes its way through pipeline

    Components makers are sending 10 GigE components to major system suppliers, bringing the industry closer to widespread deployment. 

  • ISCSI competition heats up

    10 GigE iSCSI systems are here, Microsoft buys String Bean, and all Tier-1 storage providers are now selling iSCSI. It's time to cap FC spending and make the shift, analysts say. 

  • School upgrades with iSCSI SAN

    The Spokane, Wash., school system has implemented an IP SAN, connecting existing arrays with an iSCSI switch from Sanrad, easing administration and costs. 

  • Cable management best practices

    Maximize uptime by limiting bandwidth, distance, latency and congestion issues in your cable plant. 

  • UMich says IP SAN not just about cost

    The University of Michigan originally based its decision to implement an IP SAN on cost alone -- but was pleasantly surprised by the management features it got with Intransa. 

  • Has Cisco's storage group been benched?

    Industry insiders close to Cisco Systems Inc. say the company is disorganized and as a result, its storage group has been sidelined. 

  • Why do HBAs in a SAN have same base?

    Storage expert Chris Poelker outlines WWN basics in order to answer the question: "Why do HBAs in a SAN have same base?" 

  • Separate or combine tiers in SAN?

    Storage expert Brad O'Neill discusses setting up tiered storage with a SAN. 

  • How to minimize I/O latency

    Storage expert Greg Schulz details how to minimize the latency between a server and a storage device.