Fibre Channel (FC) SAN

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  • Fibre committee guarantees users more speed

    The FCIA has approved 8 Gbps Fibre Channel, but are they going too fast? 

  • Brocade zones in on patents

    Brocade has landed a couple of patents, one for soft zoning -- a term that has caused some confusion in the industry. 

  • IDC: Fibre Channel switch prices dropping

    IDC Corp. predicts a drop in the cost of Fibre Channel switches and, when coupled with similar savings on HBAs, could mean a true price decline for Fibre Channel SAN gear. 

  • 4 Gb/s FC: Why Bother?

    Users at SNW couldn't foresee a reason to move to 4 Gb/s FC networks when they are barely touching the capabilities of their 2 Gig gear. 

  • Not-so-simple SANs

    In case you've missed anything, here's a roundup of some of the best original technical content that appeared on the week of March 22-26. Tips, Ask the Expert Q&A's cover effective SAN planning, the benefits of e-mail archiving and ... 

  • HP offers low-cost SAN gear

    HP is adding cheaper disks, the latest Brocade switches and bigger tape drives to its StorageWorks MSA product line to give end users more options for deploying low-cost SANs. 

  • New player enters the low-cost SAN game

    Six months ago, Applied Micro Circuits was a maker of silicon processors only. But now, two storage acquisitions later, the company is a full-fledged player in the Fibre Channel SAN market. 

  • Sandial tackles SAN congestion problems

    Sandial Systems on Tuesday announced its Shadow 14000 Storage Backbone Switch, which has a connection-oriented switching architecture that the company hopes will set it apart from the competition. 

  • More questions and answers from SAN School lesson # 5

    Here are additional questions and answers from SAN School Lesson 5: Designing a SAN. The questions cover topics ranging from how to determine an effective SAN design to meet your needs, to the differences between fabric switches and loop switches. 

  • More questions and answers from SAN school lesson # 8

    Here are SAN School Professor Chris Poelker's answers to more user submitted questions from SAN School Lesson 8, "Tying your SANs together." Q&A's cover topics ranging from what causes SAN problems, to preventing equipment problems.