Fibre Channel (FC) SAN

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  • Data Domain, 3Par reap post-IPO gains

    Earnings reports show Data Domain and 3Par sales picked up after going public, despite increased competitive pressure. 

  • Cisco starts to connect converged data center dots

    Cisco unveils the centerpiece of its unified fabric platform, but holds off on upgrades to its Fibre Channel storage switches. 

  • Hard Rock picks Xiotech storage system

    When building a storage network from scratch, the Hard Rock Park picked a SAN from Xiotech, citing the product's ease of management and flexibility. 

  • Brocade talks 8 Gbit, but is mum on new director

    Brocade says it is sampling 8 Gbit blades for its SilkWorm 48000 director switches with its OEM partners, but declines to give details on an all-new 8 Gbit director. 

  • Emulex stands alone with FC-SATA switch

    Emulex has released an embedded storage switch based on the newly approved FC-SATA standard, but it's unclear if any other companies in the industry are on the bandwagon. 

  • Goldman Sachs: Interest in NetApp SAN products wanes

    A survey by the investment firm shows enterprise storage buyers had a declining interest in NetApp SAN products over the last year. 

  • Storage vendors propose FC over Ethernet standard

    A group of nine storage vendors led by Emulex is proposing a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standard to the ANSI T11 standards committee. 

  • Why don't we have clustered FC block storage?

    I find it weird that the industry has made such serious strides toward incorporating clustering concepts in both file-based storage and IP-bas... 

  • Seven network storage predictions for 2007

    It's time to once again stick my neck out and make predictions on what you very likely can expect from the network storage industry in 2007. Before I do that, let's see how well I prognosticated last year? I made a lot of predictions in six industry... 

  • LSI Logic buys Agere for $4B

    LSI Logic announced it will buy mobile chipmaker Agere Systems for $4 billion, broadening its reach into consumer storage markets.