Fibre Channel (FC) SAN

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  • LUN zoning

    LUN zoning is a method of configuring SAN fabric to match logical unit numbers (LUNs) to the proper servers. As a rule, end devices such as hosts can only see and access storage within their zone. Limiting access in this way improves security and all... 

  • LUN masking

    LUN masking is a further constraint added to zoning, subdividing access to the port so that only LUNs authorized to access a specific server can access the corresponding port. 

  • FCoE SAN multi-hop technology primer

    FCoE SAN is growing in popularity, but the lack of multi-hop switching support remains a problem. Find out what vendors and users are doing to improve FCoE performance. 

  • World Wide Name (WWN)

    A World Wide Name (WWN) is a unique identifier that is assigned to a manufacturer by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and hard-coded into a Fibre Channel (FC) device. 

  • Cisco expands Fibre Channel over Ethernet support; adds multihop FCoE

    Cisco adds Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) support to MDS 9500 storage switch, Nexus 7000 data center switch and NX-OS operating system for multihop FCoE 

  • Community association group revamps data storage management

    Associa needed a data storage management overhaul to keep up with years of expansion and a move to a virtual server environment; switches to Pillar Data SAN. 

  • NetApp buys LSI's Engenio for high-performance block storage

    NetApp expands its storage platform by paying $480 million for LSI's Engenio Fibre Channel block storage division. Wants to reach new set of customers with intense block-based storage needs. 

  • Compellent adds storage virtualization, SAS support to SAN arrays

    Compellent looks to make its SAN arrays a better fit for enterprises, adds Live Volume storage virtualization, higher scalability, and support for 6 Gbps SAS and FCoE. 

  • Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) implementation case studies

    Learn how three firms tackled management issues in a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) implementation; case studies detail potential turf wars, restructuring. 

  • Five tips on moving to Fibre Channel over Ethernet

    Learn five tips to help manage the transition to Fibre Channel over Ethernet and facilitate collaboration between your organization's SAN and LAN/WAN teams.