Fibre Channel (FC) SAN

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  • FCIA chairman shares vision for Fibre Channel

    Tom Hammond-Doel, chairman of the Fibre Channel Industry Association, talks about the battle with iSCSI and the new features users can look forward to over the next 18 months. 

  • Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop or switched disk?

    Storage expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader considering buying high-end storage from two different vendors -- one uses Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop technology and one uses a switched-disk interface. 

  • Pillar users push for Fibre Channel in Axiom array

    Users say they're still waiting for the bigger news -- an FC version of the array. Analysts say there could be long-time upheaval with OEM partners if Pillar competes with EMC. 

  • HBAs: Are dual HBAs worth the investment?

    Storage networking expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader debating whether to invest in dual HBAs for their SAN. 

  • SAN fine tuning: Get the most from your storage

    The way key SAN components, principally HBAs and switches, are configured will determine overall SAN performance. If you know what to look for and how to make adjustments, performance problems can be greatly reduced. 

  • Fiber optics over distance

    Networking expert Greg Schulz offers advice to a reader that asked about using fiber-optic cabling over long distances. 

  • iSCSI, iFCP and FCIP: How do they stack up?

    iSCSI, iFCP and FCIP are compared in this Q&A. 

  • FATA vs. FC disk drives

    Storage expert Greg Schulz compares FATA and FC disk drives. 

  • FC vs. iSCSI: Five tips in five minutes

    Recently, there has been a buzz among storage pros about how FC and iSCSI stack up. Check out this expert advice, so you can decide what is right for your organization. 

  • FCIP vs. iFCP quiz

    Are you familiar with the pros and cons of FCIP and iFCP? Both can be used to route FC data over IP networks, but which is more easily implemented and which one reduces overall availability? Every protocol has its ups and downs so take our quick FCIP...