Fibre Channel (FC) SAN

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  • Jon Toigo's Bio

    Jon Toigo's Bio 

  • Fibre Channel HBA hardware specifications

    A host bus adapter (HBA) provides an interface that interconnects servers, switches and storage devices on a fabric. But the selection of an HBA goes far beyond its installation and physical connectivity. Today's HBAs support vastly improved intellig... 

  • Fibre Channel HBA products require serious purchase consideration

    An HBA provides an interface that interconnects servers, switches and storage devices on the fabric. Servers typically employ HBA cards that are inserted into PCI-X or PCIe motherboard expansion slots. The expansion card approach offers a modicum of ... 

  • Emulex stands alone with FC-SATA switch

    Emulex has released an embedded storage switch based on the newly approved FC-SATA standard, but it's unclear if any other companies in the industry are on the bandwagon. 

  • Goldman Sachs: Interest in NetApp SAN products wanes

    A survey by the investment firm shows enterprise storage buyers had a declining interest in NetApp SAN products over the last year. 

  • Storage vendors propose FC over Ethernet standard

    A group of nine storage vendors led by Emulex is proposing a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) standard to the ANSI T11 standards committee. 

  • Connecting an MSA 1500 to an EVA 4000

    Storage expert Greg Schulz discusses how to connect an MSA 1500 to an EVA 4000. 

  • Ports changing from fabric to loop mode

    Storage expert Greg Schulz explains why a reader's ports are changing from fabric to loop mode. 

  • How many servers can a SAN accommodate?

    SAN expert Greg Schulz answers a reader's question: "How many servers can a SAN accommodate?" 

  • Integrating iSCSI and FC storage

    Mixing iSCSI with Fibre Channel (FC) allows you to make more efficient use of installed storage capacity, but marrying the two protocols isn't without its challenges. Bringing iSCSI into existing FC SANs raises integration issues and leads to a somew...