• bit rot

    Bit rot is the slow deterioration in the performance and integrity of data stored on storage media. It is also known by the names bit decay, data rot, data decay and silent corruption.

  • legacy storage

    Legacy storage is traditional storage hardware that is older and sometimes no longer sold by its vendor.

  • The yin and yang of storage

    I feel like that little girl in "The Exorcist" whose head spins around; it's hard to keep an eye on where storage is headed these days.

  • Using virtual storage, SRM to up data storage efficiency

    The most efficient use of capacity stems from proactive, granular monitoring and strategies that increase allocation flexibility.

Enterprise storage, planning and management

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  • Xiotech, Atrato forge market for self-healing storage

    New disk array designs use sealed componentry, resulting in storage systems that may not need servicing for five years or more. 

  • Xiotech flashes self-healing storage systems at SNW

    Xiotech's Emprise storage systems use a proprietary technology to reduce heat and vibration. Xiotech claims that an Emprise system will incur zero service events over five years. 

  • Turner Broadcasting turns to newcomer Omneon for grid storage

    When IBM, EMC and HP deliver clustered storage systems due out later this year, they'll find that many multimedia companies have already deployed a grid storage system from newcomer Omneon. 

  • Storage networking vendors race toward 8 Gbit Fibre Channel

    Server virtualization is affecting the 8 Gbit Fibre Channel roadmaps of switch vendors Brocade and Cisco, and HBA vendors QLogic and Emulex. With twice as much bandwidth available between servers and storage, customers would be able to connect twice ... 

  • Storage Outlook '08: Storage managers' priorities

    Backup, adding disk capacity and disaster recovery will be the top three priorities for storage managers in 2008. 

  • Brocade: No slowdown in storage spending

    Unlike other storage vendors, Brocade execs say they saw no significant reduction in spending from financial services firms last quarter. 

  • HP moves to automate storage management

    HP's Automated Operations 1.0 suite takes the first step in combining storage resources acquired from AppIQ and Opsware, while integrating storage with other IT management services. 

  • Top 25 data storage terms quiz

    SearchStorage.com editors did some research and came up with a list of the top 25 data storage glossary terms most requested by our readers. Curious? Take our top 25 data storage terms quick quiz and find out what's first and foremost on the minds of... 

  • Green storage debate dominates U.K. show

    IT managers in the U.K. are faced with reducing IT energy consumption in light of exploding data storage growth. 

  • Storage Decisions: guide to data storage product news

    Vendors at Storage Decisions are launching new NAS systems and data storage technologies such as heterogeneous snapshots and HBA-based authentication. Find out who's unveiling what in New York.