• bit rot

    Bit rot is the slow deterioration in the performance and integrity of data stored on storage media. It is also known by the names bit decay, data rot, data decay and silent corruption.

  • legacy storage

    Legacy storage is traditional storage hardware that is older and sometimes no longer sold by its vendor.

  • The yin and yang of storage

    I feel like that little girl in "The Exorcist" whose head spins around; it's hard to keep an eye on where storage is headed these days.

  • Using virtual storage, SRM to up data storage efficiency

    The most efficient use of capacity stems from proactive, granular monitoring and strategies that increase allocation flexibility.

Enterprise storage, planning and management

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    Confusing pricing models for storage management software is a major headache for users. ESG senior analyst Nancy Hurley offers some advice and a glimpse of new pricing deals. 

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    Digital China puts McData products on its reseller list; FilesX protecting college data; Israel's largest bank calls on StoreAge for backup. 

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  • Grid gobbledygook hits storage

    Fearful as always of missing the boat, storage vendors are jumping on the grid bandwagon, unveiling visions that are about as useful today as a chocolate teapot.


  • Strategic Storage: Backup starts to inch forward

    Backup has been a problem at companies for a long time and continues to be one. There are some signs that backup is moving in the right direction with smarter strategies. 

  • Storage Clips: ADIC Q4 earnings down

    ADIC's Q4 earnings drop 16% from a year ago; Atto HBA to be bundled with Facilis array; Candera closes up shop. 

  • Storage Clips: NetApp, Red Hat partner on iSCSI

    NetApp, Red Hat commit to iSCSI; SAS plugfest draws record-breaking crowd; EMC to resell mainframe and DWDM products.