• bit rot

    Bit rot is the slow deterioration in the performance and integrity of data stored on storage media. It is also known by the names bit decay, data rot, data decay and silent corruption.

  • legacy storage

    Legacy storage is traditional storage hardware that is older and sometimes no longer sold by its vendor.

  • The yin and yang of storage

    I feel like that little girl in "The Exorcist" whose head spins around; it's hard to keep an eye on where storage is headed these days.

  • Using virtual storage, SRM to up data storage efficiency

    The most efficient use of capacity stems from proactive, granular monitoring and strategies that increase allocation flexibility.

Enterprise storage, planning and management

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  • Low-cost storage pieces fall into place

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  • How storage managers can survive e-mail archiving

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  • Inside the new Symmetrix DMX model offerings

    A radical new architecture is helping IRI's Marshall Gibbs overcome the performance limits of today's high-end storage. Better economics don't hurt, either. Also get information on how to modernize mainframe storage and off-site replication on the ch... 

  • Best storage products of the year 2002

    The editors of Storage magazine and SearchStorage.com present the “Best storage products of the year” awards. We present the winners in data backup and disaster recovery hardware and software; disk and disk subsystems; networking equipment; an... 

  • Are your data storage costs too high?

    With features, functions and capacity all moving downstream, you may be able to kick the overpriced storage habit. Additional stories include how to get tape on the SAN right, and tips on building your first SAN. 

  • Tame the e-mail beast: Valuable e-mail management strategies

    Email is high on the list of applications driving storage growth at most enterprises. A lot of that growth could be avoided with proper management. Fortunately, for major packages such as Exchange, help may be on the way. Also, read stories about whe... 

  • Managing data storage for remote employees

    As the number of remote employees and the amount of data increases, you'll need everything from replicating software to USB drives to keep pace. In addition to tips for managing data storage for the new remote workplace, read stories on automated swi... 

  • .NET server storage: Friendly or not?

    Learn how the next version of Windows and .NET server storage will change storage managers' lives. Also get information on no-nonsense SAN management, creating storage departments that make sense, and why you shouldn't count NAS out for databases. 

  • Overview of top tape backup options for midrange systems and networking segments

    In the extreme worlds of geophysical computing and genomics, storage managers are learning approaches that will be in the mainstream tomorrow. Also, learn how to put interoperability to the test, and get information on how wide-area SANs can fuel new...