• bit rot

    Bit rot is the slow deterioration in the performance and integrity of data stored on storage media. It is also known by the names bit decay, data rot, data decay and silent corruption.

  • legacy storage

    Legacy storage is traditional storage hardware that is older and sometimes no longer sold by its vendor.

  • The yin and yang of storage

    I feel like that little girl in "The Exorcist" whose head spins around; it's hard to keep an eye on where storage is headed these days.

  • Using virtual storage, SRM to up data storage efficiency

    The most efficient use of capacity stems from proactive, granular monitoring and strategies that increase allocation flexibility.

Enterprise storage, planning and management

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  • Continuous data protection (CDP) and the future of backup

    Continuous data protection (CDP) cures many of the ills that plague traditional backup techniques. For Stefan Knoerer at Siemens IT Solutions and Services in Munich, Germany, CDP offers the best protection for a key high-performance database. Also: A... 

  • Benefits of third-party data protection and recovery management tools

    Mike Bollman of Houston-based Enterprise Products Partners L.P. wanted to be sure his backup app was doing what it's supposed to do, so he opted for a third-party data protection and recovery management tool. Also in this issue, learn how SAS and SAT... 

  • Backup overhaul: From a mainframe to an open-systems environment

    L.L. Bean storage engineer Sandy Rideout spearheaded a project to move the outdoor gear retailer's backup system from a mainframe to an open-systems environment. In addition, learn how archivers pare down databases, how to figure out the number of SA... 

  • Top 15 Storage hardware and software Products of the Year 2006

    Storage hardware and software keeps getting better. These 15 products of the year are the best of 2006; they uniquely combine innovation with practicality. Also, learn how to lock down laptop data, how to integrate iSCSI storage, and how to cope with... 

  • The hottest storage technology for 2007

    There are plenty of new storage technologies competing for your attention and budget dollars in 2007. Forget the hype and see why these five must-have technologies are the ones you should consider. Also: Learn the best ways to consolidate your SANs a... 

  • Strategies to take the sting out of microcode upgrades

    Kelly Carpenter is wary of bug fixes after a disk failure blocked data access at the Washington University School of Medicine's Genome Sequencing Center in St. Louis. Also, read more about tape libraries and questions about Microsoft's storage offeri... 

  • Upgrade path bumpy for major backup app

    Storage specialist Flavio Hurlimann, of Zurich-based Sunrise/TDC Switzerland, found that upgrading to Veritas NetBackup 6.0 wasn't so easy. Other users are also struggling with the revamped application while Symantec readies a maintenance pack to squ... 

  • Five companies on their storage virtualization projects

    Everybody's talking about virtualization, but who's really doing it? Jim Livingston and John Fagg tell how they virtualized storage at the University of Utah Health Services Center. Also in this issue, get a step-by-step guide on how to classify data... 

  • What to do when storage capacity keeps growing

    Crossmark's Charlie Orndorff says new capacity will eat up a big chunk of his budget, but he has other priorities on his agenda, too. See how managers are coping in our exclusive 2006 purchasing intentions survey. Also, learn what your DR plan should... 

  • Storage Products of the Year 2005

    2005 was a very good year for storage, with a host of new and enhanced storage products. Find out which products stand out as products of the year. Also, get the inside scoop on director-class switches.