Enterprise storage, planning and management

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  • IT budget planning turns to virtualization, deduplication

    Storage managers faced with hiring freezes, limited funding and growing capacity turn to virtualization and deduplication as part of their overall cost-saving strategy. 

  • Venture capitalist talks storage, economy and the cloud

    VC says IBM Tivoli and Hewlett-Packard OpenView may come under attack, cloud computing is for real, and the storage industry should expect fewer but larger funding rounds going forward. 

  • Storage budgets shrink as capacity grows

    Market research shows data keeps growing while budgets shrink in tough economic times, leading storage administrators to look at new technologies to cope. 

  • Capacity planning: Users delay top-tier purchases

    The global economic downturn has users delaying top-tier capacity purchases and moving whatever data they can to lower-cost devices. 

  • Focus on storage efficiency grows as budgets shrink

    As economic forecasts for 2009 remain uncertain, users look to avoid spending money on additional storage capacity while still keeping up with growth. 

  • Open-source storage explained

    Find out why interest in open-source storage technology could grow now that Sun is promoting its Unified Storage Systems, featuring a substantial amount of open-source software. 

  • Special Report: Direct-attached storage

    Direct-attached storage (DAS) is thriving in the enterprise more than ever, and Exchange 2007 is the application leading the DAS revival. 

  • Podcast: Direct-attached storage

    DAS is a low cost, easy to manage alternative to SAN or NAS. George Crump, founder of Storage Switzerland, an analyst firm that focuses on storage virtualization, discusses where DAS is headed and if it can really hold its own against SANs. 

  • DAS catching on for database applications

    Users are returning to direct-attached storage to solve performance bottlenecks and cut infrastructure costs by isolating the most demanding applications. 

  • DAS in the enterprise is alive and well

    Direct-attached storage continues to give SAN and NAS a run for their money, even in the enterprise. Storage managers often look toward DAS to lower costs and to simplify data management.