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  • Storage Holy Grail: End bifurcated storage infrastructure management

    Storage virtualization and other storage "uber-controllers" are a step toward better storage infrastructure management, but it's still not an integrated process. 

  • How to improve your virtual server storage setups

    One of the biggest challenges of building a virtual server infrastructure is fine-tuning the storage that supports the virtual machines. Having multiple server OSes running on a single physical server can easily overload a storage network and supp... 

  • Software-defined storage: Answering frequently asked questions

    Russ Fellows, a senior analyst at Evaluator Group, breaks down the concept of software-defined storage, its benefits and the vendors who offer it. 

  • storage hypervisor

    A storage hypervisor, also called software-defined storage, is a marketing term for software that allows storage to be controlled centrally in a storage pool regardless of what hardware the storage is located on.  

  • Denver Broncos score with NetApp filers for primary storage

    By purchasing two FAS2240s from NetApp, the Denver Broncos' small IT staff was able to improve manageability, performance and scalability. 

  • Manufacturing NAND flash chips

    NAND flash chips are made in fabrication plants known as fabs. Market oversupply or undersupply can cause manufacturers to alter production plans. 

  • PowerShell tutorial: Managing Windows Storage Spaces

    This PowerShell tutorial shows users how to fully interact with Windows Storage Spaces, which will help them script the storage provisioning process. 

  • capacity sprawl

    Capacity sprawl, in a storage context, is a situation in which multiple, under-utilized or badly managed storage media occupy more overall space than can be justified by actual need. 

  • shared storage

    Shared storage is a medium accessible by all of the subscribers in a network, intended for file storage and allowing simultaneous access by multiple subscribers without the need to duplicate files to their computers. 

  • I/O contention (input/output contention)

    I/O contention (input/output contention), occurs when virtual machines compete for I/O resources because there is a limited storage bandwidth.