Disk drives

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  • NetApp supply chain woes frustrate users

    A shortage of high-capacity SATA drives and a DC power supply problem has kept NetApp users waiting for systems, according to Wall Street reports. 

  • Seagate-Maxtor merger could stabilize disk pricing

    Fewer competitors in the market could mean that disk prices drop less dramatically in 2006, analysts say. 

  • All-in-one guide: Disk Storage

    Our complete guide to disk storage is divided into three chapters: Drives, RAID and disk arrays. Find everything you need on these topics, plus introductory articles by storage journalist Steve Bigelow, right here. 

  • Disk Storage Guide: Chapter Two -- RAID

    This chapter in our Disk Storage guide looks specifically at RAID, including overview information, explanations of RAID levels, how to implement and configure RAID, and other higher level information. 

  • Disk Storage Guide: Chapter One -- Drives

    This is the first segment of our complete All-In-One Guide to Disk Storage. Here, we explore the various hard drives available. When the next chapter launches, we'll look at RAID. The final chapter takes a deeper look at Disk Arrays. Bookmark this ur... 

  • Storage Clips: Big, tough disks hit the market

    Rasilient boosted raw storage capacity by qualifying Hitachi; Winchester released a pumped-up SATA II array; and Formation passed inspection with the Army and Marines. 

  • Online photo service snaps in tiered storage

    With storage capacity doubling every 120 days, MyPhotoAlbum stopped storing everything on EMC FC disk and brought in SATA disks from Nexsan accessed via an OnStor NAS gateway. 

  • Fibre Channel

    Fibre Channel is a technology for transmitting data between computer devices at data rates of up to 4 Gbps (and 10 Gbps in the near future). (Continued...) 

  • New SAS products spark debate

    Recently announced SAS products have renewed the debate over whether SAS will push out Fibre Channel or SATA in the data center. 

  • How to compare FC and SCSI

    Storage expert Greg Schulz offers advice on how to compare FC and SCSI technology, and technology in general.