• LUN management

    LUN management is the process of assigning, provisioning and overseeing logical unit numbers (LUNs) across a storage environment.

  • spindle

    A spindle is a shaft that holds rotating hard disk drive (HDD) platters in place. The term is also often used to refer to a single HDD.

  • bit rot

    Bit rot is the slow deterioration in the performance and integrity of data stored on storage media. It is also known by the names bit decay, data rot, data decay and silent corruption.

  • Ethernet keeps nipping at its heels, but FC still leads

    Some have predicted the demise of Fibre Channel for years, but no networking tech has risen above it for mission-critical apps.

Disk drives

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  • RAID technology adds reliability and overcomes concerns

    RAID's evolution of storage servers and arrays is quietly influenced by the continuing advancement of hard disks and disk controlling hardware. Storage administrators must understand the changes that are taking place, and position their organizations... 

  • All-in-One Guide: Disk storage

    Our complete guide to disk storage is divided into three chapters: Drives, RAID and disk arrays. 

  • Storage Clips: Connectivity makers scramble to support blades

    As server vendors push blades as the wave of the future, storage connectivity makers, QLogic and Brocade, are ready with HBAs and switches. 

  • A quick overview of the disk drive market

    Hard disks provide huge storage capacities that can reach to 300GB and higher (though enterprise disks offer somewhat less -- up to 150 GB per disk). Enterprise hard disks offer fast data transfers, and drives like the Seagate Cheetah family can achi... 

  • FATA vs. FC disk drives

    Storage expert Greg Schulz compares FATA and FC disk drives. 

  • Serial-attached SCSI quiz

    How much do you know about Serial-attached SCSI (SAS) technology besides its attractive low cost and speed? Take our Quiz and see how SAS savvy you really are. 

  • Disk storage final exam

    Are you disk storage savvy or sorry? Take our test and evaluate your knowledge of disk drives and arrays. 

  • Storage Clips: Disk industry keeps breaking records

    Analyst firm IDC predicts global drive unit shipments will exceed 3 billion from 2005 through 2010. 

  • SATA drives: Four worst practices

    SATA drives have a few gotchas. Read about the four common SATA drive mistakes to avoid in your storage environment. 

  • partition

    In personal computers, a partition is a logical division of a hard disk created so that you can have different operating systems on the same hard disk or to create the appearance of having separate hard drives for file management, multiple users, or ...