Disk drives

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  • DASD (direct access storage device)

    Direct access storage device (DASD, pronounced DAZ-dee), is a general term for magnetic disk storage devices. The term has historically been used in the mainframe and minicomputer (mid-range computer) environments. 

  • Balancing SATA and SCSI

    Selecting the right combination of SATA and SCSI disk drives in your system is critical. This tip offers suggestions on how you can strike an effective balance. 

  • What is the difference between disk backup and data replication?

    The terms have been used interchangeably quite a bit lately because of the popularity of disk backup that is really gaining. The thing is, disk backup is technically another form of media that your backup application or solution can write to. Data re... 

  • SATA plugs on motherboards?

    SAN expert Greg Schulz discusses SATA and ATA compatible disk drives. 

  • SATA technology advances and expands in the enterprise

    SATA drives don't match the performance of Fibre Channel but provide the low cost per gigabyte and high storage densities that are crucial for "nearline" storage tasks, such as performing backups and archiving. This article introduces SATA technology... 

  • RAID technology adds reliability and overcomes concerns

    RAID's evolution of storage servers and arrays is quietly influenced by the continuing advancement of hard disks and disk controlling hardware. Storage administrators must understand the changes that are taking place, and position their organizations... 

  • RAID technology adds reliability and overcomes concerns, page 2

    Today, the growing prominence of slower, high-capacity SATA drives are raising serious concerns about storage reliability, and dual-parity techniques like RAID-6 are emerging to combat the specter of multiple simultaneous drive failures. Larger drive... 

  • All-in-One Guide: Disk storage

    Our complete guide to disk storage is divided into three chapters: Drives, RAID and disk arrays. 

  • Storage Clips: Connectivity makers scramble to support blades

    As server vendors push blades as the wave of the future, storage connectivity makers, QLogic and Brocade, are ready with HBAs and switches. 

  • A quick overview of the disk drive market

    Hard disks provide huge storage capacities that can reach to 300GB and higher (though enterprise disks offer somewhat less -- up to 150 GB per disk). Enterprise hard disks offer fast data transfers, and drives like the Seagate Cheetah family can achi...