• LUN management

    LUN management is the process of assigning, provisioning and overseeing logical unit numbers (LUNs) across a storage environment.

  • spindle

    A spindle is a shaft that holds rotating hard disk drive (HDD) platters in place. The term is also often used to refer to a single HDD.

  • bit rot

    Bit rot is the slow deterioration in the performance and integrity of data stored on storage media. It is also known by the names bit decay, data rot, data decay and silent corruption.

  • Ethernet keeps nipping at its heels, but FC still leads

    Some have predicted the demise of Fibre Channel for years, but no networking tech has risen above it for mission-critical apps.

Disk drives

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  • Texas Memory Systems unveils tiered DRAM/flash hybrid storage array

    The RamSan-440 holds up to 512 GB of DRAM as well as flash solid-state disk for backup, and includes a feature that makes data available within 30 seconds of a power outage or a restart. 

  • Enterprise systems may need redesign to benefit from solid state drives

    Lab tests lead IDC to conclude that enterprise systems will need to be redesigned to get the full benefit from flash. Systems will need the intelligence to recognize when they're dealing with SSDs, which write slower than they read, and feed them dat... 

  • Seagate 3.5-inch drive achieves 1.5 TB capacity

    Seagate's 1.5 TB 3.5-inch Barracuda hard drive marks the largest jump in hard drive capacity in the history of hard drives, representing a half-terabyte increase from the previous highest capacity of 1 TB for a 3.5-inch drive. 

  • Storage administrators wary of SSD deployment

    Don't expect hard drives to disappear from enterprise storage just yet. Users say they will take a wait-and-see approach before implementing any new storage medium, and vendors are split whether to put the SSDs in servers or disk arrays. 

  • Dot Hill gives Fibre Channel arrays DC power option

    DC power supplies now available with Dot Hill's 5730 Fibre Channel storage arrays; Virtual Machine ediiton of Exanodes software creates virtual SANs; Sepaton adds data dedupe software to VTL. 

  • Solid-state drives quiz

    While solid-state disk (SSD) devices offer faster speeds and consume less power than hard disks, the high price of solid-state memory has kept the devices confined to limited use in the data center. Storage professionals are now seeing more situation... 

  • EMC to add solid-state disk to Clariion storage array

    EMC will incorporate SSD technology into a new Clariion model due out in August. Meanwhile, HP pooh-poohs SSDs in SANs but is working on a server-based approach. 

  • Sun flashes its plans for solid-state disk drives

    Sun says it will support solid-state flash disk drives in its server and non-OEM storage product lines in the second half of this year. 

  • Storage Decisions Chicago 2008 Session Downloads

    Download all the sessions that were presented to storage professionals at the recent Storage Decisions 2008 conference in Chicago on topics including DR, SANs, backup, storage virtualization, storage management and green storage. 

  • holographic disk drive

    A holographic disk drive is a holographic storage device that uses a laser to store data to optical media in three dimensions, maximizing storage capacity by using the media's depth... (Continued)