Disk arrays

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  • EMC upgrades Centera CAS system

    EMC has revamped its Centera Content Addressed Storage system with faster hardware and some new features for the mainframe. 

  • EMC upgrades Symmetrix DMX

    EMC has doubled the processor, memory and disk speeds of its Symmetrix DMX storage array. The company has also revamped its entire line of hardware products. 

  • External storage array needed for clustering


  • XIOtech rolls out new storage features for Exchange

    In an effort to support the storage management features in Windows Server 2003 and lessen the time it takes to recover data, XIOtech is working with major backup vendors to roll out new management packages for its Magnitude 3D storage array. 

  • Solid-state storage for SANs?

    Primarily used to improve the performance of e-commerce apps and databases, Solid-State Disks, (SSDs) can also be used to improve the performance of a SAN. This tip explains how. 

  • The essential RAID primer, part 2

    Part two of Evan Marcus' essential RAID primier covers more on RAID-0, RAID-6, RAID-7, RAID-S and special combinations of RAID you may want to learn about. 

  • The essential RAID primer, part 1

    Part 1 of Evan Marcus' RAID primer covers RAID-0 to RAID-5. Each level's description is concise and to the point. 

  • New Serial ATA systems slide into secondary storage role

    Serial ATA technology is all the rage at the SNW conference this week, but while it's being featured in enterprise storage systems, its role will be as a secondary storage option. 

  • IBM flexes mainframe storage muscles

    IBM has fine tuned and bolstered connectivity options for its Shark storage system in an effort to tame the costs associated with mainframe storage. 

  • SD2003: Integrating disk into backup for faster restores

    Tape has its challenges, but in his Storage Decisions session on disk versus tape in backup, Curtis Preston maintained that archiving your data to tape is still a great solution.