Disk arrays

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  • Boost Array Performance Podcasts

    As data wends it way from hosts, through the fabric and to the array, it encounters many potential bottlenecks. But that also means there are a number of ways to improve storage subsystem performance. The key to the tuning process is a thorough under... 

  • SAN, NAS converge with new NetApp releases

    Customers and industry experts say price and the ability to manage SAN and NAS in one platform could give NetApp's new SAN boxes an edge. 

  • EMC Clariion users make wish list

    EMC's new Clariion arrays are still little more than speculation and rumor, but that didn't stop users at EMC World from talking about what they hope for in the new products. 

  • User connects EMC Clariions over Cisco for DR

    It took five rounds of talks with EMC and some technical help from Cisco, but AQR Capital has a working DR plan connecting EMC Clariions over 50 miles using Cisco. 

  • Media firm consolidates EMC and NetApp into Pillar box

    I/Pro Media Research is in the process of phasing out EMC and NetApp for cheaper tiered storage from Pillar. 

  • Big 3 backup apps adapt to disk

    Black & Decker's Ian McLeavy slashed his backup times by making NetWorker work with disks -- but he still relies on homegrown scripts for snapshots. Also, read more about the ins and outs of searching archives, how to accelerate your SAN, and how voi... 

  • Users evaluate new and improved HP EVA

    As part of its storage renaissance in the last year, HP announced new EVA midrange arrays; users tell SearchStorage their likes and dislikes. 

  • Storage Clips: NEC, iQstor jump on 4 Gbps array bandwagon

    NEC announced two new 4 Gbps FC-SATA arrays; iQstor will demonstrate its 4 Gbps array at an upcoming government industry show. 

  • Credit union goes for 3Par over EMC

    The Georgia Telco Credit Union installed 3Par's Inserve storage system after evaluating it against EMC's Clariion CX500. 

  • Boosting data storage array performance

    Keep your storage array from laboring under the load of resource-hungry apps by configuring it for defined I/O workloads. Also, read more about hands-on tests of encryption appliances.