Disk arrays

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  • EMC adds solid-state drives to Symmetrix disk array

    EMC qualifies 73 GB and 146 GB flash memory drives for its high-end disk arrays at about 30 times the cost per gigabyte as mechanical drives. 

  • Nexsan chases Apple shops with SATA disk array

    Nexsan is planning an Apple-specific disk array to ship in March aimed at media companies looking for a denser alternative to XServ RAID. 

  • Creating half a mirror out of 3 drives totaling 300 GB

    Storage management expert Ashley D'Costa answers a reader's question: "Can I create a logical array from my disk bay, which has two disks totaling 300 GB by installing RAID 0?" 

  • NetApp scales up its high-end disk arrays

    A high-end addition to NetApp's FAS6000 series can now scale to 1 PB, while the company's FAS2000 series now allows the mixing of SAS and SATA drives. 

  • Disk arrays trickle down to SMBs

    Disk arrays allow SMBs to do away with individual storage servers and consolidate their storage onto dedicated devices. This article discusses SMB disk array costs, availability, management and connectivity. 

  • Understanding disk storage components

    The never-ending evolution of storage components such as disk drives, RAID technology, disk arrays and even network fabric hardware is enabling vast increases in storage capacities. This guide focuses on the latest developments in disks, RAID, arrays... 

  • Data storage hardware quiz

    Storage hardware, also known as primary storage, is a critical aspect in running your storage shop. How does your knowledge of storage hardware stack up? Take our quick quiz and find out today! 

  • Tutorial on solid-state disk (SSD) devices

    Solid-state disk (SSD) devices use much less power and produce less heat than hard disks. But until their prices come down, they'll at best be niche devices. 

  • NetApp, HDS tout scaled-down disk arrays

    New offerings are meant to take advantage of storage growth in the midmarket, but experts say the products will still probably appeal most to existing high-end users. 

  • HDS, HP simplify high-end disk array pricing

    Users of the new USP-V disk array from HDS and the XP24000 disk array from HP will now pay less for attaching external storage, as well as capacity.