Disk arrays

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  • 3PAR slims down thin provisioning by putting it into silicon

    3PAR launches T-Class enterprise storage system with ASIC that enables thin provisioning capabilities in silicon while doubling the performance of prior S-class disk arrays. 

  • IBM prepares to roll out midrange disk array

    IBM reveals details of a new midrange storage disk array, the DS5000 series, which offers modular upgrade features for I/O, memory and capacity. 

  • Self-healing storage explained

    Today's IT environment requires a highly reliable foundation of storage where most failures are prevented, and if not prevented, then resolved in place. A self-healing array that eliminates up to 70 percent of drive failures and can then cover the re... 

  • IBM set to launch block-level XIV Storage System

    IBM's XIV Storage System offers 50% more storage -- 180 TB -- over the model that shipped when IBM acquired XIV Ltd. in January, but the system still lacks scalability, replication and System z support. 

  • Clariion array update blurs line between EMC platforms

    A bigger, faster Clariion with advanced features, which first appeared in the Symmetrix line, has industry observers wondering about the increasing overlap between EMC systems. 

  • NASA sticks to budget with do-it-yourself storage

    When the budget for a new project left no room to add more storage arrays, a NASA center used Exanodes storage virtualization software to repurpose Linux servers as storage arrays. 

  • EMC brings thin provisioning, MAID and SSD to Clariion CX4

    Along with support for solid-state disk, EMC's next-gen Clariion includes thin provisioning and MAID, and a new architecture for mixing Fibre Channel and iSCSI. 

  • Sun gives Thumper storage server a bump in power, expandability

    As part of its open storage initiative, Sun brings out a new Thumper storage server and dense JBODs as storage for systems built with Open Solaris and ZFS. 

  • array-based memory

    Array-based memory is an evolving solid-state storage technology similar to flash memory but with potentially greater storage capacity. The increased capacity results from the fact that array-based memory is three-dimensional (3D) while most traditio... 

  • Pillar guarantees 80% utilization on Axiom 600 disk array

    Pillar promises customers more than 80% utilization on the Axiom 600 disk array, which can support up to 832 TB of raw storage.