Disk arrays

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  • Cloud storage tools manage data stored in the ether

    As much as we might want to assume an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude about the data we ship to cloud storage services, the truth is that it needs nearly as much attention as data stored onsite. Some services offer basic tools to manage cloud... 

  • More choices for virtual server backups

    Virtualizing servers has had an impact on nearly every facet of storage operations, but moving from physical to virtual servers had the greatest effect on backup. Firms tried traditional approaches with backup agents in each virtual machine and other... 

  • What you need to know about all solid-state arrays

    In the cover story of the August 2012 issue of Storage magazine, Chris Evans provides an overview on the SSD market in general and examines the emergence - and unique quirks you should know - of all-solid-state storage arrays. Explore the August 2012... 

  • Exploring systems that detect and repair hard disk problems automatically

    A trend in storage product messaging these days is the theme of self-healing storage - the ability of a system to detect and repair hard disk problems automatically. In this month's cover story, independent storage expert Marc Staimer explains how an... 

  • Dell and EqualLogic win best midrange array

    The March 2009 issue of Storage Magazine includes a cover story announcing the winners of the Midrange Arrays Quality Awards. Also in this issue, get information about remote office backups, disaster recovery plan testing, deduplication, and an eye-o... 

  • The top email archiving strategies for storage managers

    Peter Fitch at Rudolph Technologies leverages his storage array's migration capabilities to move data among tiers without disrupting his users. Also, learn 10 key factors for email archiving. 

  • Multiprotocol arrays provide NAS and SAN in a single box

    Multiprotocol arrays support block- and file-based storage, giving users the best of both worlds: NAS and SAN in a single box. Also in this issue: Users rate the top tape libraries, and the New York Mets take a swing at dedupe. 

  • Big 3 backup apps adapt to disk

    Black & Decker's Ian McLeavy slashed his backup times by making NetWorker work with disks -- but he still relies on homegrown scripts for snapshots. Also, read more about the ins and outs of searching archives, how to accelerate your SAN, and how voi... 

  • Boosting data storage array performance

    Keep your storage array from laboring under the load of resource-hungry apps by configuring it for defined I/O workloads. Also, read more about hands-on tests of encryption appliances. 

  • The best high-end storage arrays of 2005

    What's the best high-end array in 2005? Here are your choices for best in features, reliability, service and support. Also, learn more about WAN transports, new tools to help classify data, and how to archive data but still find it fast. 

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  • VHDCI (Very High Density Cable Interconnect)

    Very High Density Cable Interconnect (VHDCI) is a compact 68-contact multipurpose connection type. VHDCI is optimized for applications that require high-performance but have space limitations. The technology is most commonly used in SCSI-3 hard drive... 

  • hot spare

    A hot spare, also called a hot standby, is a backup component that can be placed into service immediately when a primary component fails.  

  • active/active array

    Active/active (also called dual active) is a storage array configuration in which two (or more) storage controllers work together to process inputs/outputs (I/Os). 

  • multi-level cell (MLC) flash

    Multi-level cell (MLC) flash writes two data segments to the same cell, effectively doubling the capacity of flash storage media. 

  • terabyte (TB)

    A terabyte (TB) is a measure of computer storage capacity that is 2 to the 40th power or approximately a trillion bytes (that is, a thousand gigabytes). 

  • array-based memory

    Array-based memory is an evolving solid-state storage technology similar to flash memory but with potentially greater storage capacity. The increased capacity results from the fact that array-based memory is three-dimensional (3D) while most traditio... 

  • Kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, and all that

    Prefix multipliers are used in data storage, data communications, electronics, and physics to denote extremely small and large quantities. Read definitions for terms including kilo, mega, giga, tera and peta. 

  • array

    In general, an array is a number of items arranged in some specified way - for example, in a list or in a three-dimensional table. 

  • gigabyte (GB)

    A gigabyte (GB) is a measure of computer data storage capacity and is "roughly" a billion bytes. 

  • storage medium

    In computers, a storage medium is any technology (including devices and materials) used to place, keep, and retrieve data. 

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About Disk arrays

Disk arrays allow for storing information on multiple devices, which is critical to enterprise organizations with big storage needs. Find the latest information on disk arrays on this topic page.