Data storage compliance and archiving

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  • Do you need an email retention policy before looking at email archiving products?

    A company should put a records retention policy in place before they look at solutions for any kind of archiving. It's all about meeting regulatory requirements. Most companies in the U.S., and many companies around the world, have various regulation... 

  • In-house email archiving vs. a hosted system: Advantages and disadvantages

    Those are really the two principle avenues for email archiving. A "hosted" system is basically an archiving system that is contracted through an outside company... 

  • Does email archiving require huge amounts of bandwidth?

    The answer is: "It depends." It depends on what kind of email system that you're putting in place, and how you intend to move data from the email server to the email archiving... 

  • Am I out of luck if I have a "mixed" email system (e.g., Exchange and Notes)?

    That's a "real-life" situation that we run into many times when we've gone out and worked with companies. We might be called in by a company that has both a Microsoft Exchange and a Notes/Domino email system and they want to tie an archive together, ... 

  • Data storage compliance's impact on storage product choices

    Data storage compliance is having a tremendous impact on the storage organization, as well as the management practices employed to retain, search, certify and destroy data. It's not just regulations like SOX or HIPAA that influence storage -- there a... 

  • Storage Decisions Supplement: Executive Track Downloads

    C-level technology executives not only need to know the status of their current operations but meticulously plan for the future. Our "Executive track" sessions give these technologists an idea of where their storage should be and ideas on where it's ... 

  • Google Earth powered by ADIC SAN file system

    DigitalGlobe, which processes satellite images for Google Earth, sends performance into the stratosphere with a SAN file system from ADIC. 

  • Tech Report: SRM

    This month, storage analyst Jerome M. Wendt's Tech Report takes look at storage resource management (SRM) tools. According to Wendt, SRM tools are taking on new tasks, refining their data and device reporting capabilities and becoming much more close... 

  • Tiered Storage School: Data classification for tiered storage

    Join Mike Casey and Greg Forest for a webcast on data classification. This lesson covers the strategy behind classification, real-world examples of data classification and the process of discovery. 

  • E-mail archiving online seminar

    This three-part webcast series on e-mail archiving offers advice on why you need to archive, which products are available and some practical examples of successful archive installs.