Data storage compliance and archiving

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  • Archives and data protection: They are NOT the same

    While the two are both equally important, it's vital that one doesn't confuse archiving with data protection. Marc Staimer explains their differences. 

  • email archiving

    E-mail archiving is a systematic approach to saving and protecting the data contained in an e-mail message so it can be accessed quickly at a later date. In the past, companies often relied on end-users to maintain their own personal e-mail archives.... 

  • Tech Report: Content-addressed storage preferred for fixed-content storage

    With more data subject to external and internal audits, content-addressed storage products are becoming the preferred storage medium for the long-term protection of fixed content. 

  • School district hooks up affordable compliance archive

    A Texas school district connected its email system to archiving software and DVD jukeboxes, avoiding a cost and management hassle. 

  • Record retention guidelines cause groans

    Amendments to rules governing electronic discovery are met with criticism by lawyers and compliance officers at a record retention show in NYC. 

  • Email archiving: Should storage pros keep everything?

    From conniving lawyers to dodgy tape practices, here are some of the juicy tidbits we heard on the show floor and during sessions at Storage Decisions. 

  • Storage Decisions Supplement: Executive Track Downloads

    C-level technology executives not only need to know the status of their current operations but meticulously plan for the future. Our "Executive track" sessions give these technologists an idea of where their storage should be and ideas on where it's ... 

  • Chapter 5: Archives

    Traditional backup platforms are poorly suited for archival data storage, and users are relying on disk storage systems for a mix of performance and reliability. 

  • Storage Clips: Iron Mountain offers compliance tips

    Iron Mountain has launched an online guide to federal regulations governing records management and disposal. 

  • Is storage automation right for you?

    This tip covers what storage automation is, and what it is not, and what it means to you. Also, you will learn why you should, or should not implement a storage automation product.