Data storage compliance and archiving

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  • Storage provisioning best practices

    Storage provisioning can be a tricky practice, especially when you factor in that it needs to be done manually. List here are eight best practices when it comes to provisioning. 

  • Symantec blames piracy for Veritas licensing snafu

    Symantec says that software counterfeiting is throwing a wrench in tech support and delaying upgrades to Backup Exec 11d, according to online reports; FRCP rules take effect. 

  • Long-term archiving needs better media, experts say

    The hundred-year archive is coming soon, and industry watchers say a new physical medium for long-term storage should come with it. 

  • The right way to provision storage, page 2

    Provisioning storage is mostly a manual job. But you can still tune your storage for greater performance and higher disk utilization. 

  • The right way to provision storage

    Provisioning storage is mostly a manual job. But you can still tune your storage for greater performance and higher disk utilization.Article

  • Email archiving FAQ audiocast

    Don't have time to dig into the email archiving FAQ text now? Download the audiocast in MP3 format and listen in the car, at the gym -- whereever you want. 

  • What's the second biggest mistake?

    Companies don't bother to create an email retention policy and put the policy into place before they go out and buy the technology. Once you purchase the technology and install it, what policies are you going to set when you turn it on? Creating a co... 

  • What is email archive indexing? Which type do you recommend?

    There is a wide range of indexing capabilities, and most people and companies don't think about this until after they've gone out and spent a lot of money on a solution. For us, "indexing" means that each email is opened as it is moved to an archive,... 

  • What's the biggest mistake you see companies make when adopting an email archiving solution?

    The biggest mistake is when a company reacts to a specific event and purchases technology without fully understanding all of the problems that they really need to solve. There are four or five main problems that companies try to solve when it comes t... 

  • Is it important to capture email metadata in the archive? Why?

    In my opinion, the answer is "yes." Email normally has some metadata associated with it, including: where it came from, the server path, etc. If the company is sued (or is suing another company), they will be discovering (or asking for) emails within...