Data storage compliance and archiving

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  • Ten tips to meet data compliance audits

    Here are 10 tips that will help you prepare for, and master, the inevitable data compliance audits. 

  • How to choose an e-discovery tool

    Here is a list of factors to consider when choosing an e-discovery tool. 

  • Data archives overview

    When a file is lost due to user error, or data is corrupted because of system problems, the affected data can be restored from a backup. An archive is different from a backup because the data may not be used for months, even years, but must be access... 

  • Iron Mountain CTO dishes on digital archiving plans

    Fred Engel, Iron Mountain's new CTO of digital archiving, is tasked with integrating the company's acquisitions, including a sneaky one it just made in document management. 

  • Fixed-content data archiving products get a boost

    Caringo, EMC and HDS spruce up their fixed-content data archiving products as buzz around compliance and legal discovery continues. 

  • New privacy rules may complicate records management

    Experts say new bills before Congress and court decisions may further complicate things for U.S. companies already grappling with records retention, compliance and data archiving. 

  • litigation hold (preservation orders or hold orders)

    Litigation hold is a stipulation requiring a company to preserve all data that may relate to a legal action involving the company... (Continued) 

  • Why you should perform data classification

    Regardless of how daunting a task it may be, understanding the data we store is the first step in addressing data management issues. This tip outlines some of the main reasons why data classification is essential. 

  • Google buy shakes up email archiving

    Google's acquisition of Postini will boost adoption of Gmail, pushing email archiving players to add support for hosted applications. 

  • U.K. enterprise search provider buys Zantaz

    Autonomy Corp. PLC, a U.K.-based enterprise search software company, has acquired Zantaz for $375M in cash, signaling more consolidation in records management and e-discovery.