Data storage compliance and archiving

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  • Arkivio hops on a Rocket

    Rocket Software adds archiving software from startup Arkivio to its portfolio of storage offerings, but not much integration is expected between Arkivio and its other products. 

  • Microsoft takes the FAST track into enterprise search

    Microsoft puts up $1.2 billion for FAST, which will give the struggling search engine company an R&D boost and improve integration between applications and archives. 

  • Buying guide for email and document management tools

    Email and file/document management is a core element of any compliance strategy. Many software tools are available to help organize, classify, migrate and secure that data so that an organization can meet compliance obligations. 

  • Email/document management product specifications

    Email and document management tools are necessary elements of an organization's compliance or litigation strategy. 

  • One year after FRCP, struggles continue with e-discovery

    It's easy for IT managers to feel like they're just foot soldiers in the e-discovery process. But experts warn of trouble ahead for those not aware of their role under the FRCP. 

  • IDC: Archiving pushes storage software demand

    According to IDC, data archiving led storage software growth last quarter; vendors buff up storage offerings for server virtualization environments. 

  • Kazeon upgrades data classification software

    Looking to jumpstart a dormant data classification market, Kazeon upgrades its Information Server, adding federated search and a remote office edition, while improving scalability. 

  • Storage managers strive to protect data in a chaotic world

    Storage managers compare their job of controlling data and storage to being a sheriff in the Wild West. They are trying to maintain order in an increasingly chaotic world of data, users, senior management, vendors and lawyers. 

  • Autonomy locks down data with Desktop Legal Hold

    A new compliance product from Autonomy Corp. helps companies retain data relevant to legal hold policies. The product deals with data stored on computers disconnected from the corporate server, such as remote desktops and laptops. 

  • Index Engines adds tape extraction capabilities

    Classification startup Index Engines lets customers find files and messages needed for litigation compliance without restoring the entire contents of tape library.