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  • Storage management tools matrix

    Take some of the complexity out of buying storage mangement tools with this handy matrix. This PDF chart compares 15 storage management tools from all of the major vendors. 

  • Feeling the data migration pain

    The explosion in data is putting a hurting on migrating data from legacy HW/SW to newly installed products. Find out here what users and vendors can do to combat the problem. 

  • Will RFID strain your storage?

    Analysts predict that RFID technology will be pervasive in the next couple of years. But will RFID technology create a new glut of data for storage managers to contend with? 

  • How many admins does it take to manage a terabyte?

    In this tip, storage management expert Brett Cooper tells a reader if there's a rule-of-thumb on how many storage admins should be on staff per terabyte of data. 

  • Chargebacks gain legitimacy

    Thanks in part to improved SRM vendor tools, storage pros are hopping on the "rentable storage" bandwagon by imposing charge backs on their customers--a trend many feel may last. 

  • Prepare for future trends in storage management

    Which trends will impact future storage management efforts? What can you do now to prepare for them? Yankee Group analyst and storage management expert Jamie Gruener explains. 

  • Understand your scheduled backups

    What you can do with them, and what not. 

  • Data management, the next major vendor battleground

    Bits & Bytes: Storage expert Randy Kerns explores the importance of lifecycle data management and why vendors need to deliver a timely and effective solution. 

  • Disk-to-disk-to-tape makes inroads

    Looking for an effective way to back up remote offices? A disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) set-up might be an interesting way to go. This tip explores the options of D2D2T. 

  • How to build a storage management practice

    Storage managers are responsible for aligning digital storage with the business requirements at the lowest cost. Expert Norbert Haag discusses how to accomplish these tasks.