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  • Storage management tips: What's hot this summer?

    Evaluating VTL products, comparing SAN and NAS, data retention, cable management and SRM are issues that are our readers are sweating these days. 

  • SRM software evaluation: 10 things you should consider

    This tip presents 10 things you need to consider when choosing storage resource management software. 

  • Is storage automation right for you?

    This tip covers what storage automation is, and what it is not, and what it means to you. Also, you will learn why you should, or should not implement a storage automation product. 

  • Guidelines for controlling clustering

    This tip outlines different approaches, implementations and the factors to consider to effectively manage clustered resources. 

  • Speed backups by pruning data

    Setting policy about what types of files you back up, using e-mail archiving software and backing up applications separately from your data can drastically improve backup performance. 

  • SRM packages: A closer look

    Storage resource management (SRM) is central to the storage administration in the modern enterprise. But like a lot of terms, SRM tends to conceal as much as it reveals. There are many SRM products available, with at least as many different combinati... 

  • Really delete your data

    Permanent data destruction is harder to achieve than you might think. Nexsan and Plasmon offer different approaches to tackle the problem. 

  • Dispelling myths: WAFS and remote backup

    WAFS and remote backup can be mutually exclusive, but can also be complementary. 

  • Migrate old files to cut disk costs

    Data migration is an effective way cut costs. Find out what you can do to simplify the process and start saving now. 

  • Data classification: Getting started

    Classifying data and knowing how its value changes over time will improve service levels, create a better working relationship with business units and reduce costs. (This tip is part of our Storage 101 tip series.