Data management tools

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  • Data classification podcast

    Why is unstructured data so hard to classify? Whose responsibility should data classification be? You'll learn the answers to these questions as well as how trends in classification will affect your storage infrastructure. 

  • Product specs for policy manager software

    These product specs for policy management software will help storage professionals evaluate and compare policy managers. 

  • How to evaluate policy manager software

    Storage administrators need to know how to use policy management software, which dictates what data to store, where to store it, when to move it and when to dispose of aged data. 

  • Simplifying data migration product purchases

    Data migration is a key part of any storage consolidation initiative. Learn what product specifications you need to look for when purchasing a data migration tool. 

  • Guide to data migration tools for storage consolidation

    One of the hardest parts about storage consolidation is data migration -- knowing what data to move, and when and where to move it. What are the criteria for purchasing a data migration tool? 

  • Chargeback applies real values to actual storage utilization

    Users demand unlimited growth and peak performance for all of their data because they're not the ones that foot the bill. This is changing with the use of chargeback storage techniques. By employing chargeback storage tools, IT departments can assign... 

  • Purchasing NAS products for storage consolidation

    NAS is so easy to install and manage that NAS sprawl is a common problem. This is why NAS is often a prime candidate for consolidation initiatives. Learn how to purchase NAS appliances with an eye toward NAS storage consolidation. 

  • SRM brings new levels of visibility and automation to storage

    To manage storage effectively, storage administrators must know how much storage is available, how much is being used, what applications are accessing the storage and what service levels are required for each application. Learn why many of them are t... 

  • Data classification tool purchase considerations

    This segment of the Tiered Storage Buying Guide covers specific considerations for data classification tools, such as indexing, search and migration. 

  • Data classification product specifications

    The product snapshots in this chapter of the Tiered Storage Buying guide highlight key specifications for a cross-section of data classification products.