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  • Data classification: Future directions

    Corporate information resources regularly stretch into the terabytes (thousands of gigabytes) with many thousands (even millions) of individual files to contend with -- but the problem is now far more complex than simply "finding files". Finding spec... 

  • Why storage managers are turning to tiered storage

    Using top-shelf storage for all data assets is no longer a cost-efficient solution. Organizations must now account for what data they have, where it is located and who is accessing it -- details that cannot be determined by just adding hard drives. T... 

  • One size doesn't fit all e-mail archive policies and products

    The rules for e-mail archiving vary from one organization to the next. IT should start the ball rolling before it gets the legal department involved in rules for message archiving. 

  • Users give thumbs up to object storage standard

    IBM, EMC and others have developed a standard API for object-based storage systems, a move users said they'd welcome. 

  • What, where, how long? The issues of archiving e-mail

    According to storage consulting firm Contoural Inc., a third of Fortune 500 companies save all e-mail, a third delete some messages and a third don't know what to do. 

  • Storage Clips: Fortune 1000 embraces ILM

    Much of the $750M in purchasing power of the Fortune 1000 looks to be heading for ILM by the end of 2006. 

  • Fast Guide: Advanced backup

    Trying to make your backups run more smoothly, or thinking about swapping out your existing system for something more current? Our Fast Guide to advanced backup is the place to get started. We'll give you tips on strategy, help you compare your hardw... 

  • CA folds in e-mail-archiving startup

    CA has acquired e-mail archiving startup iLumin for an undisclosed amount, with an eye toward an integrated product by next year. 

  • An introduction to thin provisioning

    One of the more important but often misunderstood advancements within data storage is thin provisioning. This article defines and discusses thin provisioning, its economic impact and how it works. 

  • NetApp to OEM data classification software

    NetApp will next week announce data classification software based on an OEM agreement with Kazeon.