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  • Storage Clips: Hitachi introduces Centera competitor

    HDS has entered the CAS market with a product based on Archivas software. 

  • Introduction to data storage management

    Storage is a resource, and it must be allocated and managed as a resource in order to truly benefit a corporation. Successful data storage management strategies leverage a suite of tools to configure, provision, archive and report storage activities,... 

  • EMC, HP bid for Mercury Interactive

    EMC and HP are engaged in a bidding war for application performance testing company Mercury Interactive, according to industry analysts. 

  • Data classification is end users' job

    Without a proper data classification scheme, ILM is putting the cart before the horse, and some shops are pushing the job of classifying files down to users. 

  • Caringo breaks out CAS mark II

    Is it a new tango, a salutation at a worldwide wrestling contest, a weird Australian animal or yet another fixed-content storage company? 

  • Email archiving: Should storage pros keep everything?

    From conniving lawyers to dodgy tape practices, here are some of the juicy tidbits we heard on the show floor and during sessions at Storage Decisions. 

  • Tiered storage shifts focus away from disk

    At Storage Decisions, users and analysts discussed creative ways to tier storage according to levels of data protection and storage services, rather than disk costs. 

  • VMware users long for live data migration

    Users at Storage Decisions say they hope the forthcoming version of VMware will allow them to upgrade their storage without rebooting servers. 

  • Buyer's Guide: Data classification tools

    Automated tools play an important role in the data classification process. Many tools allow administrators to discover the data resources that are available, apply uniform classification rules to data across the entire enterprise, create and manage a... 

  • EMC unveils do-it-yourself Clariion

    EMC's eighth-generation Clariion offers complete 4 Gbps support, but more importantly, provides self-installation and self-service features addressing a common user complaint.