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  • Hospital: Storage capacity planning 'very difficult'

    In this Q&A, a healthcare user offers some insights into the black art of storage capacity planning and what's still needed from tools that purport to solve this problem. 

  • Data storage management overview: Chapter 1 - Data provisioning and growth

    This chapter of the All-In-One Guide explains the importance of performance and capacity planning to remain one step ahead of data storage needs. You'll also see how migration tools can be used to move or consolidate data across the data center, and ... 

  • Exchange 2007 storage enhancements: Cure-all or Band-Aid?

    Could improvements by Microsoft make Exchange an easier application for storage admins to manage? Or have end users taken email beyond its intended purpose? 

  • Users turn to SANs to manage Exchange

    In part one of a two-part series focused on Exchange and storage, users say migrating Exchange stores to the SAN is helping the popular email application evolve. 

  • Tapeless backup gains favor among storage architects

    Removing tape from the offsite data protection equation is no longer a brazenly reckless act. 

  • Despite industry squabbles, users optimistic for SMI-S

    After Sun's exit from Aperi, IBM said it's folding the open source storage group into its Eclipse Foundation; users remain patient with SMI-S, despite industry infighting. 

  • Compellent users try tiered storage automation

    Compellent's new feature uses its SAN's block-level virtualization to automatically move data between tiers of storage -- which could be a boon for admins struggling to manage ILM. 

  • Storage Clips: EMC reaches technology deal with AT&T

    Network management software developed out of Smarts for AT&T's Project Lightspeed can now be marketed separately by EMC. 

  • Clustered storage will win

    Clustered storage is gaining ground with an increasing number of vendors and systems in today's market. Over time, clustered storage will be a requisite architectural design element for all storage systems. 

  • HP goes on the offensive, page 2

    HP is putting all the pieces of its recent product refreshes together, pushing its Storage Essentials product, refining RISS and making progress toward the StorageWorks Grid.