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  • IBM to acquire Softek, looks to pump up services biz

    IBM says it intends to use Softek's Transparent Data Migration Facility within its Global Services business. 

  • Symantec unveils Storage Foundation 5.0

    Symantec announces Storage Foundation for Windows 5.0, which adds multipathing and testing features; it also preannounced an earnings drop on disappointing Veritas sales. 

  • Brocade migration tool does the trick for EMC user

    The University of New Mexico Hospital first tried EMC's SANCopy to migrate data off of an old Xiotech array, but ended up having to use Brocade's Data Migration Manager instead. 

  • Zantaz buys data classification partner Singlecast

    Email archiving player Zantaz has purchased data classification startup Singlecast, which can categorize and apply policies to data before an email takes up storage space. 

  • Users: Onaro SAN management tool could do more

    Users of Onaro's SANScreen say the monitoring tool has been worth the cost so far, but they would like to see better support for VMware, SAN routers and additional SRM features. 

  • Don't let storage platform complexity get the best of you

    How complicated is your storage environment? While the answer to that question largely hinges upon the size of the storage network one manages, the more storage platforms or arrays that an organization deploys, the more susceptible one's data may bec... 

  • MySpace tackles extraordinary data storage requirements

    Social networking site MySpace has built its own distributed file system to handle the bulk of its content and recently added 3PAR into its data storage mix with positive results. 

  • Recordless email, magical or menacing?

    A new startup promises recordless email. Is this a stroke of genius that will reward the company with billions of Internet bucks, or is it the end of the world as we know it? 

  • Storage management tools get more flexible

    After a decade of proprietary storage management tools, vendors are finally giving users more choices and freeing them up to buy only what they need. 

  • Rough going for Exchange replication

    Replicating databases for disaster recovery isn't easy, and Microsoft Exchange is no exception.