Data center storage

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  • Storage Decisions Session Downloads: Executive/Management Track (Chicago 2008)

    Sometimes technology alone won't solve storage-related issues. You also need to be adept about the business of acquiring storage systems. As a storage manager, you will be called on to develop storage solutions to satisfy evolving business needs -... 

  • Green storage quiz

    The concept of green storage is steadily gaining momentum in the industry. With energy costs on the rise, storage administrators are looking to green storage technologies to help run their data centers more efficiently. But how much do you really kn... 

  • Companies try green storage strategies to reduce power consumption

    Storage administrators are trying to mitigate the growing problems of power cost and availability by turning to green storage -- a broad mix of technologies and tactics intended to reduce power consumption not only in the data center but across the e... 

  • Where does one start rolling out encryption across the enterprise?

    I always tell people three things they need to do to get started. First, figure out what sensitive information your business handles -- what it takes in, what it processes and what it puts out... 

  • Backup hardware

    Find out who the finalists are in this year's product of the year for the backup hardware category 

  • Host-based replication

    While the lines of distinction among data protection technologies such as backup, continuous data protection and replication have blurred, host-based replication can play a key role in your overall data protection strategy. 

  • Crash Course: Mainframe storage

    In case you haven't heard, mainframe storage is alive and doing very well. Check out this Crash Course and find out if Linux on the mainframe is for you, how to get mainframe storage on the cheap and who the key products and vendors are in the mainfr... 

  • Crash Course: Compliance

    New guidelines in the U.S. and abroad are going to change the way you handle data. The alphabet soup of legislation can cause every CTO, CIO and storage manager a real headache when it comes to understanding and planning for compliance. Here are a fe...