Data center storage

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  • Microsoft expected to spell it out for us in '05

    In addition to new server and database software releases in 2005, Microsoft will be more concrete about some of the technology strategies it floated in 2004, according to analysts. 

  • IT industry ends the year with a bang

    News from the information technology industry was downright dull for most of 2004 -- until a couple of blockbuster deals jazzed things up as the year drew to a close. 

  • Geeks weigh in on the best movies of 2004

    The past year was a good one for the types of movies that technophiles love, and geeks everywhere say 2005 and beyond promise to be even better. 

  • SD '04: That's a wrap

    With another successful Storage Decisions conference behind us, here's a summary of the technologies and trends that had attendees buzzing. 

  • SD '04: Roundup of news from Day Two

    CreekPath, Overland, Princeton Softech and others unveiled their latest wares at Storage Decisions. 

  • HP 'grid vision' has users scratching their heads

    HP's CEO outlines company's grid vision during a surprise appearance in Houston, but leaves users baffled and unable to relate it to their needs today. 

  • Do you plan to pursue a SNIA storage certification?


  • Chapter eight: Initiating deployment

    This chapter excerpt from "IP Storage Networking" delves into deployment scenarios that combine traditional SAN concepts with non-traditional models for new storage platforms,and includes two specific examples around fixed content, email and images. 

  • Avoid these common storage pitfalls

    You might have the most advanced storage network around, but you may be overlooking some fundamental items that can cause serious unplanned downtime. Use this list of common storage pitfalls to make sure you've got everything in and out of your data ... 

  • Hospitals treat data with IP storage

    The health of two hospitals is being cured by IP storage. Making the case for the benefits of IP storage are Denver Health and Cancer Therapy & Research Center in Texas.