Data center storage

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  • open source storage

    Open source storage is any storage system that is based on an open source platform -- software with source code made available to the general public, often free or inexpensive, and created by a public collaboration. 

  • Target audience to determine big data storage solutions in M&E area

    Wikibon CTO predicts object-based systems will be popular as big data storage solutions; advises tape for long-form video files, disk for short clips. 

  • ZFS

    ZFS is a local file system and logical volume manager created by Sun Microsystems Inc. for highly scalable storage. 

  • read cache

    A read cache is a computer storage component that temporarily keeps a copy of data from a slower permanent storage location in order to accelerate the fulfillment of future requests for the data. 

  • IBM storage GM: Flash impacts everything

    Goyal says flash isn't a product -- it impacts all of IBM storage. The same goes for open standards such as OpenStack and LTFS. 

  • Object-oriented storage helps Balboa Park digitize media, ease backups

    Object storage from startup Exablox helped nonprofit Balboa Park Online Collaborative digitize museum collections and simplify backups. 

  • CEO corner: Sanbolic Melio 5, flash and the future of data storage

    Sanbolic CEO Momchil Michailov discusses distributed storage, the power of software and commodity hardware and the future of flash. 

  • Ceph

    Ceph is an open source software designed to provide highly scalable object-, block- and file-based storage under a unified system. Ceph storage clusters are designed to run on commodity hardware, using an algorithm called CRUSH (Controlled Replicatio... 

  • Inktank supports new enterprise release of open source Ceph storage

    Inktank releases new subscription-based enterprise version of open source Ceph storage, with graphical management tools and enhanced support services. 

  • Terascala storage appliance upholds research at University of Florida

    When the University of Florida built a new data center, it chose the Terascala HPC storage appliance to store data from more than 150 research groups.