Data center storage

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  • SD2002: Prigmore's pointers on buying storage

    The economy is in the dump. IT budgets have been slashed. So how can the average storage buyer get the hardware and software they need without breaking the bank? In this interview, noted Enterprise Storage Group analyst Tony Prigmore fields questions... 

  • Key bottlenecks


  • Lab's experiments create black hole of storage

    Physicists at Brookhaven National Laboratory needed a way to protect out-of-this-world data. MTI had a down-to-earth answer. 

  • What is a terabyte? What is bigger than a terabyte?

    Find out the answer to frequently asked questions about terabytes, including: What is a terabyte? What is bigger than a terabyte? Also learn about terabyte drives and management and find links to related resources. 

  • How big, who are, what is


  • The problem with petabytes

    What challenges will storing perabytes of data present to companies? This tip tells you what to expect. 

  • Tips for the everyday admin -- #20

    Evan Marcus counts down his top 20 tips for the everyday storage admin. 

  • Remove the fly from your storage alphabet soup

    Where-oh-where does the storage industry get all of those terms and acronyms? They can't all derive from the great Greek language. Is there any way to possibly keep up? SearchStorage is does its best to get a handle on all of the storage terms. 

  • Users bogged down in IP storage hype

    The world of IP storage can offer significant benefits when it comes to transferring large data blocks over distances. But, can you recognize IP storage hype when you hear it? 

  • (J)

    Choking on the alphabet soup of industry acronyms? Or maybe you just need to know more about a particular industry term? Use this glossary section to get the lowdown on the latest industry lingo. Are you puzzled by a phrase or acronymn not seen here?...