Data center storage

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  • Understanding storage options for big data projects

    Ben Woo discusses why some storage options are better for big data than others, and what to consider when carrying out a big data project. 

  • Evolution of a big data environment: How storage options are changing

    In this podcast, expert Jon Toigo describes how traditional storage infrastructures and practices have been changing to accommodate big data. 

  • Buyer’s checklist on storage for big data applications

    The attributes of big data applications are often described as the four Vs: volume, velocity, variety and variability. Taken singly, any one of those traits would pose a serious challenge to traditional storage systems; when combined, they force a re... 

  • dark storage

    Dark storage is allocated but unused storage capacity. Although configured and mapped to servers, dark storage is not presented as file systems or volumes to users and applications. 

  • Riverbed Granite storage box gets Fibre Channel support

    Riverbed Granite now supports Fibre Channel and has higher-capacity Steelhead EX WAN-optimization boxes at remote offices to reside on. 

  • object storage device (OSD)

    An object-based storage device or object storage device (OBSD or OSD) is a computer storage system that organizes data into containers called objects that a user or application determines are related. The objects reside in a flat address space where ... 

  • capacity sprawl

    Capacity sprawl, in a storage context, is a situation in which multiple, under-utilized or badly managed storage media occupy more overall space than can be justified by actual need. 

  • shared storage

    Shared storage is a medium accessible by all of the subscribers in a network, intended for file storage and allowing simultaneous access by multiple subscribers without the need to duplicate files to their computers. 

  • clustered storage

    Clustered storage is the use of two or more storage servers working together to increase performance, capacity, or reliability. Clustering distributes work loads to each server, manages the transfer of workloads between servers, and provides access t... 

  • Linear tape file systems play different role in health care, media

    Linear tape file systems have the potential to reduce costs and improve efficiency in health care and media IT operations.