Storage Smarts Answer #2: Holographic storage

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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: This type of data storage uses laser beams to store computer-generated data in three dimensions....

The goal is to store a lot of data in a little bit of space. a. holographic storage b. virtual memory c. digital data storage d. optical storage e. COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk)

Were you correct? This week's answer is:
a. holographic storage

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Holographic storage is computer storage that uses laser beams to store computer-generated data in three dimensions. The goal is to store a lot of data in a little bit of space.

Perhaps you have a bank credit card containing a logo in the form of a hologram. The idea is to use this type of technology to store computer information.

Although no one has yet mass-commercialized this technology, many vendors - including Lucent and IBM - are working on it. Prototypes of holographic storage devices can store at least 12 times the amount of information on today's largest magnetic hard disk drives, with input/output rates more than 10 times faster than what is possible today.

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This was first published in February 2002

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