Quiz #2: Storage management

If you've missed any of the Storage Smarts questions in our daily e-mails, here's another chance to test your memory. We've compiled questions 11 to 20 below. Good luck!

Question #11

This is policy-based management of file backup and archiving in a way that uses storage devices economically and without the user needing to be aware of when files are being retrieved from backup storage media.

a. ADSTAR Distributed Storage Management
b. content management system
c. spend management
d. Hierarchical Storage Management
e. Environmental Resources Management

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Question #12

This storage networking technology developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) carries SCSI commands over IP networks to facilitate data transfers over intranets and to manage storage over long distances.

a. Fibre Channel over IP
b. Voice over IP
c. Internet Small Computer System Interface
d. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
e. beaming

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Question #13

This is the use of a special storage device that manages less-frequently needed data so that it appears to be stored entirely on tape cartridges when some parts of it may actually be located in faster, hard disk storage.

a. virtual tape
b. linear tape
c. hard disk
d. bridge disk
e. 8-track tape

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Question #14

This is a backup operational mode in which the functions of a system component (such as a processor, server, network, or database, for example) are assumed by secondary system components when the primary component becomes unavailable through either failure or scheduled down time.

a. failover
b. Internet backup
c. local backup
d. data availability
e. standby

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Question #15

According to a Gartner Group document, a business continuance plan should include all but one of the following strategies. Which one is NOT included?

a. business resumption plan
b. business recovery plan
c. disaster recovery plan
d. consolidation plan
e. contingency plan

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Question #16

There are at least nine types of RAID plus a non-redundant array. Which type uses striping, dedicates one drive to storing parity information, and is best for single-user systems with long record applications?

b. RAID-1
c. RAID-3
d. RAID-7
e. RAID-101

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Question #17

This is a technology that enables the writing of data to a recordable compact disk incrementally, in multiple small blocks of data, rather than in a single block, or in blocks defined by tracks, the other two common methods.

a. packet writing
b. disk-at-once recording
c. track-at-once recording
d. write once, read many
e. audio grabbing

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Question #18

This term is used to refer to a computer's hard disks that haven't been configured according to the RAID system to increase fault tolerance and improve data access performance. The official term is "spanning."

a. disk cache
b. stripe
c. array
e. menagerie

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Question #19

Ths is the reduction in size of data in order to save space or transmission time.

a. clustering
b. compression
c. consolidation
d. phase change
e. minifying

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Question #20

This is a form of magnetic tape and drive system used for computer data storage and archiving. A special compression algorithm, known as Digital Lempel Ziv 1 (DLZ1), facilitates storage and retrieval of data at high speeds and in large quantities.

a. AIT (advanced intelligent tape)
b. LTO (linear tape open)
c. DLT (digital linear tape)
d. Mammoth
e. Betamax

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This was first published in July 2002

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