So you say you're an expert when it comes to backup or RAID or SANs? That's nice, but you have to admit there's just something about the well-rounded storage techie that makes him/her a hot commodity. Take our Data storage quiz and see how you stack up when it comes to being an overall storage mastermind.

1. SANs are typically deployed through what kind of switch?

a. Director switch
b. Intelligent switch
c. IP switch


2. With what type of I/O service is SAN usually identified?

a. File I/O
b. Block I/O
c. SANs don't use an I/O service


3. This technology helps the storage administrator perform the tasks of backup, archiving and recovery more easily, and in less time, by disguising the actual complexity of the SAN.

a. Capacity optimization
b. Storage virtualization
c. Unified storage


4. For distance replication, vendors generally recommend how many port buffer credits for every kilometer over a 1 Gbps link?

a. Five port buffer credits
b. Three port buffer credits
c. One port buffer credit


5. This type of backup occurs when all the data in an enterprise is backed up whenever any change is made.

a. Incremental
b. CDP
c. Full


6. This is a method of reducing storage needs by eliminating redundant data.

a. Data fishing
b. Data mining
c. Data deduplication


7. What type of file system operates across multiple nodes and uses off-the-shelf hardware and/or standard operating system software?

a. Active file system
b. Distributed file system
c. Clustered file system


8. Some NAS systems can now support what level of RAID?

a. RAID-6
b. RAID-10
c. RAID-5


9. This new FRCP rule, which went into effect in Dec. 2006, creates a "safe harbor" when it comes to data discovery litigation.

a. Rule 37(f)
b. Rule 35(f)
c. Rule 37(g)


10. This application is a broad set of activities supported by multimodule application software that helps a manufacturer or other business manage the important part of its business, including product planning, parts purchasing, maintaining inventories, interacting with suppliers, providing customer service and tracking orders.

a. Application program interface
b. Storage resource management
c. Enterprise resource planning


11. According to analysts, there were 32,124 terabytes (TB) of iSCSI storage deployed worldwide in 2005. What do they expect that terabyte figure to be in 2010?

a. 100,000 TB
b. 4 million TB
c. 8 million TB


12. After a catastrophic failure, this is the process of reformatting a computer from scratch.

a. Bare-metal restore
b. System recovery
c. Enterprise Windows backup


If you must peek and cheat, here are the answers to our Data storage quiz.

How did you score?
9-12 correct: You've got a storage mind of steel
5-8 correct: Ask for a raise
0-4 correct: You're a wobbly Weeble

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This was first published in March 2007

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