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Advanced data storage backup and protection

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Business continuity plan quiz

Does your company have a business continuity plan? If it does, it's headed in the right direction. If not, it's wise that you start putting one together now. Test your business continuity IQ and see if you know what a good, solid business continuity plan should include.

1. What should be the first step in business continuity planning?

2. This type of plan specifies an organization's planned strategies for post-failure procedures.

3. This type of plan specifies a means of maintaining essential services at the crisis location.

4. This particular plan specifies a means of recovering business functions at an alternate location.

5. This type of plan specifies a means of dealing with external events that can seriously impact the organization.

6. What type of technology makes it feasible for an organization to maintain up-to-date copies of data in geographically dispersed locations so that data access can continue uninterrupted if one location is disabled?

How did you score?
6 correct: You're BC brilliant
3-5 correct: You've got BC bravado
0-2 correct: You're a BC beginner

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