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Products of the Year 2009:

In our enterprise data storage 2009 Products of the Year awards, find out which disks and disk subsystems products ranked the highest. Products submitted in the disks and disk subsystems category covered SAN, NAS, DAS, primary drives and disk controllers.

Disks and disk subsystems

The top winners in this category are:

Gold Award:

3PAR Inc. InServ F400 Storage Server

3PAR's InServ F400 Storage Server has mesh-active quad-controller technology, thin provisioning ASIC and management software. Thin Conversion and Thin Persistence features help convert fat volumes to thin and keep volumes thin over time.

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Silver Award:

Dell EqualLogic PS6000 Series

The Dell EqualLogic PS6000 represents a hardware redesign, and includes new eight-drive and 16-drive solid-state drive (SSD) modules, software integration with Microsoft Hyper-V, a new SAN Headquarters performance monitoring tool and a modified...

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Bronze Award:

Avere Systems Inc. FXT Series

Avere Systems' FXT series combines clustered NAS, file virtualization and automatic data placement with solid-state drives (SSDs). The Avere OS also dynamically organizes data into storage tiers, automatically placing active data on FXT appliances.

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