Data storage technology and management

Products of the Year 2006:

In our Storage Products of the Year for 2006, check out which products ranked the best in the storage management software category.

Storage management software

The top winners in this category are:

Gold Award:

Abrevity FileData Classifier 2.7

Data classification has been called the brains of information lifecycle management. Without it, any kind of tiered storage strategy isn't very practical.

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Silver Award:

EMC Infoscape

Infoscape is EMC Corp.'s entry in the data classification competition, but the company is targeting a different segment of the market—large enterprises—with its product.

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Bronze Award:

Onaro SANscreen Replication Assurance

A previous winner, Onaro Inc. continues to build software that genuinely solves users' problems. SANscreen Replication Assurance focuses on one thing, and does it extremely well.

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