• Using iSCSI for virtual server environments

    In this podcast interview, Mike Laverick discusses the pros and cons of using iSCSI for virtual server environments. Learn how to implement and configure iSCSI and more.

  • Implementing Fibre Channel SANs in a virtual server environment

    Eric Siebert discusses the pros and cons of implementing Fibre Channel SANs in a virtual server environment in this interview.

  • VDI storage: Capacity and performance requirements for VDI implementation

    Find out how to properly implement VDI storage in your environment in this FAQ. Learn about capacity and performance requirements, problems that arise, and how to fix them.

  • Data migration projects: Avoid data migration errors with automation, orphaned storage remediation

    Learn the top three things users should do when planning a data migration project, what data migration tools you should have, describe some of the most common data migration errors, and describe some storage environment challenges when migrating data.

  • EDRM: Best practices when preparing for an e-discovery request

    We list the nine stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), and tell you why the preservation and collection stage is so important to data storage pros.

  • Gartner analyst on data deduplication for primary storage

    Primary storage data deduplication will take hold first with network-attached storage (NAS) and then block-based options over the next 18 months, says Gartner analyst, who advises users to architect with new products in mind.

  • RAID basics for enterprise data storage managers

    Find out what makes RAID such an effective enterprise data storage technology. We examine the different RAID levels, discuss some of the risks associated with RAID technology, and touch on available RAID array and controller offerings.

  • Podcast: Direct-attached storage

    DAS is a low cost, easy to manage alternative to SAN or NAS. George Crump, founder of Storage Switzerland, an analyst firm that focuses on storage virtualization, discusses where DAS is headed and if it can really hold its own against SANs.

  • SearchStorage podcasts: Storage technologies

    SearchStorage editors are always looking for new ways to make it easier and quicker for our readers to keep up with the latest in storage technologies. Here you'll find a list of expert podcasts discussing storage virtualization, email archiving, solid-state drives and more for you to listen to or download in minutes.

  • Podcast: Data deduplication on primary storage

    What should a storage administrator know before using data deduplication on primary storage? Eric Burgener, senior analyst and consultant at the Taneja Group, discusses the impact data deduplication on primary storage will have and the things to consider before using it.

  • Getting started with online email archiving

    Jo Maitand, storage analyst with Forrester Research, discusses the use of online email archiving by SMBs and enterprises, trends in the hosted email archiving arena, how using a hosted email archiving service will affect e-discovery and compliance initiatives, and security concerns.

  • Podcast: Issues you'll face implementing storage virtualization

    What advantages can storage virtualization bring to storage environments? What about downsides? In this podcast, hear about the issues storage pros face when virtualizing storage.

  • Email archiving podcast

    Email archiving has become a necessity in every storage shop, no matter the size. Find answers to frequently asked email archiving questions in this podcast with ESG's Brian Babineau.

  • Boost Array Performance Podcasts

    As data wends it way from hosts, through the fabric and to the array, it encounters many potential bottlenecks. But that also means there are a number of ways to improve storage subsystem performance. The key to the tuning process is a thorough understanding of your application requirements. This podcast series uncovers those helpful tips and tricks.