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Spotlight: Provisioning

By  Mark Lewis

20 Jan 2005 |

According to, storage provisioning is the process of assigning storage, usually in the form of server disk drive space, in order to optimize the performance of a storage area network (SAN). Traditionally, this has been done by the SAN administrator, and it can be a tedious process.

And that's where is going to pick up on that definition. Is provisioning a tedious process? Ask any storage admin and they'd no doubt concur. Hopefully with these articles, tips and expert advice on provisioning we can help take a bit of the 'T' out of tedious.

Technical advice:

  • Storage Provisioning
  • Six requirements for successful provisioning
  • Best practices for provisioning storage
  • Part one: Simplifying the storage management process
  • Is storage automation a bust?
  • Using provisioning tools
  • Make sense of SAN management software
  • Can you really trust automation?
  • Leading policies and strategies regarding storage management
  • Lesson 2: Best practices: Storage management operations
  • Choosing the right provisioning solution

    Provisioning news:

  • IBM provisioning lab offers hands-on experience
  • NetApp eases storage provisioning pain
  • Startup steals a win with thin provisioning
  • HDS updates software, adds another box
  • EMC draws battle line with iSCS
  • IBM ups interoperability of SAN File System
  • AppIQ tackles provisioning

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