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    • March 19, 2014 The Next Era of Data Storage Will Be One of Massive Scale sponsored by NetApp

      New technology and rapid data growth have been the drivers of each transition from one era to the next. And now we are on the verge of a new era of data growth, this one driven by mobile technologies and machine-generated data.

    • March 14, 2014 The Three Biggest Misconceptions About Flash Storage sponsored by NetApp

      As flash storage has become more robust and affordable for enterprise environments, IT teams are using it to solve some of their most pressing performance challenges, such as OLTP, databases and desktop virtualization.

    • March 07, 2014 Software Defined Networking Adds Efficiencies to Converged Infrastructure sponsored by NetApp

      IT professionals expect significant operational benefits from converged infrastructures. Respondents to a recent IDC survey, “Converged and Integrated Systems: End-User Survey Report,” expect to achieve 20% to 30% improvements in systems provisioning, IT staff productivity, and utilization of infrastructure resources.